Monday, March 28, 2011

whats new with you?

(ps google images are so funny sometimes)

Sorry my blog has been so lame lately!! Anyone that knows me knows that I am pretty chill and relaxed. I don't usually stress a whole lot but this semester has definitely been a lot more busy and stressful. Here is why:

1. School- Yes I am in school and Yes I don't like it! You know me... "school is for fools!" I am taking 16 credit hours!! Public Speaking, Orientation to Educate the Exceptional Child, Physical Activity and Fitness Concept, Physical Activity Promotion in the High School, Physical Education for the Elementary School, and Geology Lab! So far I think I'm passing!

2. Jeff's School- Yes he is also going to school full time! Hopefully, cross your fingers, he will be able to graduate by December!!

3. Volleyball- This doesn't really stress me out but it does take up time!! If I'm not playing in a league, then I'm at practices. If I'm not at practice, then I'm coaching at a tournament. If I'm not coaching at a tournament then I'm hosting a tournament! Its all worth it, I love volleyball!!

4. Work- PF is still going strong, but it also sucks! It definitely keeps me motivated to keep going to school so I don't have to work there for the rest of my life! Note that PF is my one of two jobs and starting soon I will have a third job!

5. Jeff's Work- Jeff's job is not stressful at all! He loves it and it is so perfect for him while he is in school. It would be nice if he could work more hours though. So if you or anyone you know wants to have a yard service give me a call or Jeff!!

Second half of this post is about babies!

For the record I am AUNT ABBY times 38!! With 5 on the way!!

Don't get all excited or anything! I'm not announcing!! But I have noticed lately that everyone is having babies but me!! Yes I want babies!! But I also want to finish school!! I'm ok with being Aunt Abby for a while, I'm good at it!! I kinda enjoy not having to chase kids around 24/7! I have Jeff to feed and take care of and I like that! :) I know that being patient and waiting for a more appropriate time to have kids will pay off! I also won't have the fear of my mom taking the baby away from me for having one too young with out an education!!