Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2 Years of Marriage

(sorry these pictures are kinda random)

Jeff and I have been married for 2 whole years!! I can't believe how fast it has gone be but at the same time we have experienced so much! We recently have moved into a new apartment in Mesa and we are loving it! Pictures of the apartment are to come once I finish my Christmas decorations! I love Jeff so much!! He truly has been so wonderful and sweet to me and I couldn't thank him enough for all he does to make me happy! Here are some reasons why I love him!

- He will always do my little favors and never complains!
- Musical talented and will be a great guitar teacher for our children someday!
- Super super talented with his art work!!
- Diligent in his scripture studies
- Diligent in his school work
- He will always put me before himself
- Loves to be active and have fun
- Natural athlete
- Great dresser (Wears what I tell him to wear)
- Served a mission in NYC
- Helps me clean

Thank you Jeff for all you do for me!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

This Stinks!

I'm carrying on the traditions of Mary Ann!!
Family Party = Deviled Eggs

Step One
Boil a dozen eggs, I always add a couple extra eggs in case some don't turn out!

Step Two
Cool the eggs, I let them chill out in some cold water!

Step Three
De-shell, cut into halfs and pop out the yolks!

Step Four
Add Mayo and Mustard! Mayo is way better than yucky Miracle whip!

Step Five
Bag the filling! This is a real easy way to fill the eggs!

Step Six
Add Paprika and ENJOY!!