Thursday, March 27, 2008


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I think I'm getting better!


So I finally returned form Hawaii!! I had such an awesome trip! I like to call it a business trip because i went for work but not really! I was there to help coach the Molten 18's team for a couple tournaments! It is such a great experience to see volleyball in Hawaii! You learn so much about the game and how to become a better player (or coach) while you were there! I forgot to take pics of the girls playing so sorry there are no actual volleyball pictures! Anyways we had a really awesome trip! I even got to play in one of the tournaments because it was an open division! I loved being able to get out into the game again and show the high school girls how its done! JK! I was really rusty on my passing but not to shabby on my hitting! Probably because i could hit over the short hawaiians! Anyways! The last day we were there we got to hang out at the beach all day! Guess what i burned! :/  But its ok! My plan is that it will turn brown and i won't be so white anymore! I look like a lobster right now so thats why you see me with lobster claws in some of my pictures! I made a slideshow so i hope you enjoy!!

Hawaii Slideshow!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

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Speed test

This is the best I have done so far but i know i can do better! I'll keep practicing! 

Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Flowers!

Ok So I don't know if you could tell by the last post but I am really starting to like PHOTOGRAPHY! I have never really done it before but i have always been interested! Since it is beginning to be spring time i have started taking a lot of pictures of flowers! I just really love flowers! My dad made me plant some Geraniums in the front yard today so i thought i would bust out the camera for a photo shoot! Tell me what you think! Be honest!

(The picture above shows the real leaves for this flower but they aren't that cute so i found better ones for the pictures below!)
These are just random arrangements by the way, I was trying to find the best lighting and angles! (You got to remember i have no training or experience so those that are pro's no laughing)

Friday, March 14, 2008


The wild flowers are all blooming and are everywhere! I just had to go out and take pics because they are so cute!

Monday, March 10, 2008


All right i give in.....

10 years ago...
I was probably hanging out with Becky, Ashley, Jessica, Kali, or Kassi down in my room playing the room game making a mess of my bedroom! Darling what did you do to the cheesecake?! HAHA

5 things on my to-do list...
1. School Work
2. Work
3. Do some laundry
4. School Work
5. Work

5 snacks i enjoy...
1. Flop Over
2. Beef Jerky
3. Thin Mints (especially during girl scout cookie time)
4. chips & salsa & guacamole
5. Glass of milk or DP

5 places i have lived...
1. Mesa, Az
2. Basement
3. Bedroom #1
4. Bedroom #2
5. Bedroom #3

what would i do if i was suddenly made a billionaire...
I would do a lot of things! First i would give 10% to the church then i would give another 45% of it to the government (taxes) then i would put aside money for all of my family then i would buy a house and nice 4 door car that is fuel efficient then i would buy nordstroms and put the rest in the bank!

5 jobs i have had...
1. afterschool sports referee
2. Justice
3. 13's V-ball Coach
4. 14's V-ball Coach
5. Rehabilitater 

5 things you don´t know about me...
1. I own my very own kitchen table! It was a Christmas gift to me the past year and i love it!!!! It can be extended with leaves and has 6 chairs! It is so cute and is perfect for when i am off on my own! (Not any time soon ladies of the ward)
2. I kinda have an obsession with the Freedom Boardshop T-shirts! They are amazing!!!!!!! Probably the most comfortable shirts that i own and i wear them all the time! The fabric is  so soft and it doesn't shrink or hug the problem areas! :)
3. I don't know if this is news to any one but i love love love the Arizona Heat!!!!!! I love summer time in AZ! I would rather be in summer 24/7 than any other time of the year! I know it can get too hot at some times but i love it and would never want to leave it!!!! Kinda random but, one time i sat on a penny that had been baking in my car all day long and i had a burn make of Abe Lincoln on the back of my thigh for like 2 weeks! 
4. I am a pro at steering my car with my knees! I learned this trait from my father of course and have been doing it sense i have been driving the little red bomb! I usually steer with my knees on straight aways and bending roads but i have mastered a couple corners (32nd & Harmony) with just my knees! Its very helpful if i am trying to eat or read a text or find a song on ipod or just simply relax!
5. This is kind of strange but i have finger toes! Well at least my mom thinks i do! I am really good at using my toes to help pick things up or to open a door or random things like that! They aren't superduper long or anything i mean i still wear a size 8 1/2 shoe! I think my toes are cute even though my smallest piggy is kind of sideways and has hardly any toenail on it! It just helps me fit into my smaller heels even better!!! :)

Hope i didn't give too much info for one person that doesn't know me to handle! I am pretty crazy! Ok i tag Jessica because she needs to post really bad....its starting to drive me crazy girl!