Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Ranch!!

It is now a Hogle Family tradition to head to the ranch every summer and have a big family camp out! This year has totally gone by fast and the camp out snuck up on us! I can't believe it came and went already! This year was way more casual and layed back than it has been in the past! With the families ( minus Me and Jeff ) all getting bigger we try our best to have at least a few days with everyone there. This year the boys put in a tire swing for the grandkids enjoyment and grandmas anxiety! It swings out of the creek a good 20 feet I'd say! We had so much fun with all the rangers taking trips to the store for candy and ice and going fishing as well. Jeff is not much of a fisher but I sure am! At the beginning of the summer I went for the first time tagging along with my brothers using a one of my nephews fishing pole and caught a fish!!! It was my very first fish!! This trip I caught another one and a crawdad which really doesn't count! I need to get myself a pole and some bait so I can do it more often! We all took turns helping prepare food for dinner! I love cooking out doors and eating awesome food all weekend! We had a few camp fires but not too many so we played games in the trailer one night! We taught my dad how to play settlers and he ended up winning.... only cause I directed him in making moves and I would trade with him to hurry and end the game! The second time we played I didn't help him so I didn't feel bad when I beat everyone!!! The kids had a blast playing in grandpas little red wagon and Hunt had fun being in the dungeon pretty much the whole time!! Jeff and I were in a tent while we were there! We have nice sleeping bags and slept like babies! We definitely can't wait for next year!!

Monday, July 11, 2011


We are still alive this summer despite the heat!! Wanna know how our summer is going??? Well let me tell ya!!!!

Not much has changed with Jeff...

I come home to this at least once a week, cute huh!
Jeff its pretty low maintenance these days. Thank you 10 for 10 packs of spaghetti noodles and can spaghetti sauce at frys! What has Jeff learned this summer? He can french braid!! (Pics later) I just told him the basic concept of a french braid and he would always just play around with my hair and then all of a sudden he was super good at it! He can french braid but he can't part it or pony tail it! What is that?!

As for me, I am taking a summer school class. Its only one credit and its almost over thank goodness!! Geology Rocks!! (No it doesn't) I'm also still working over at Tia Rosas just trying to get past the summer there! Its so slow and boring sometimes so come by and say hi and order dessert from me!
I did get a hair cut(5"), but my hair is in a bun right now and I'm too lazy to worry about a picture so you get this cute one of me and Mr. Hunt!

We lost some neighbors, sad day!


We also got new neighbors, good day!!

We are so excited to have Cody and Sarah as neighbors again! Especially Baby Lucy and soon Baby Janie! I love that Lucy knows which door is ours and will come knock on it! I need to work on getting more toys for her to play with. She also knows that I always have goodies in my cupboards! Jeff likes having Cody back too! These two are BFF's! How often do two best friends get to become brothers!? We really enjoy our wii nights with them as well!


The moment of truth!!!!

Our Newest addition!!!!

We are the proud new owners of this beautiful set of a washer and dryer!! Thank you Craigslist! Jeff and I finally purchased a set after being married for 2.5 years! We are really moving up in this world!! I was going to wait to take pictures until after I cleaned our back porch (Haboob Mess) but lets be honest the Jeff's chore so....

Check it out! I even got a shelf put in courtesy of Jeff's Custom Shelving Unites and Beyond!