Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I am sure by now that everyone has stopped checking my blog since I haven't posted anything in so long! I have been pretty busy the past few months so thats my excuse! Back in December I was trying to live up the Holidays and my break from school since school started early this semester. I was DREADING going back to school this semester since I am student teaching! But I must say student teaching has been going great and is not as bad as I thought it would be! I am student teaching with Mrs. Dawnelle Middlemiss at Val Vista Lakes Elementary School.

Student teaching I guess could be worst but HEY...its PE so its pretty fun! My student teaching requires so much but I have been able to keep up with all my assignments and stay ahead! My semester is broken down in to 3 week increments. The first 3 weeks I observed and taught partial lessons. The second 3 week set was of my mentor teacher teaching, then I teach. The third 3 week set is were I taught then my mentor teaches. Right now I am in my last week of my 3rd set. The final increment is me taking over and doing all the teaching until the end of the semester. So far I've made 8 school visits and observations, 4 sets of signs, 5 sets of music variations, 2 bulletin boards, lesson plan cards every week, 2 full lesson plans, and 2 videos with write ups. I still need to make 2 more sets of signs, 1 set of music, 3 full lesson plans, and put together my entire portfolio.

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