Friday, May 4, 2012


Anytime I am having a conversation with someone about finding a job or needing a job I will always tell them about where I work if we have an opening. Its always interesting to me when they are quick to say no because they don't want to work in the "food industry." Or at least that's the impression I get. Well let me just say that I like working in the "food industry." I guess I like it because I know what I am doing and I'm good at my job! I'm sure we have all had a dumb server at a restaurant, there's a lot out there. Trust me, I work with them! But I also work with some that are really good and if you have a bad experience its probably because of you or the other tables they are taking care of. The people are annoying.... YES! But the job is busy work, I'm up and moving, and it works well with my school.

Remember how I said the people are annoying! To keep ourselves from going crazy we servers vent out our feelings before and after our shifts and most likely during. Today we discussed two classic questions...

Q1. Will it fill me up?

I don't know.... I'm a big girl and I can pound that down like its nothing!! Obviously it will fill you up! You're not gonna starve between lunch and dinner. Plus after I just got you a hundred baskets of chips you should be full!!

Q2. Is it spicy??

No mam...... Refried Beans are not spicy.

We can go on and on and on and on about how dumb people are and how rude they are too! You don't neeeeeeeeeeed something!! Ask nicely!! I tell you what, adults are worse then children!! Do I need to remind you to use your words because pointing at your empty basket of chips is going to get you no where!!!

Lets just say that my patience has grown a ton since I have started working in this business!!

HERE is a video to show you what I am talking about, see if you can spot the dumb things people do!

PS If you want ground beef, go to Taco Bell!!