Monday, August 18, 2008

Dun Dun Dun DaDaDa Dun Dun LETS KICK IT!!!

So i know i have been slacking in my blogging department,
but you got to give me a break...i'm busy right now!

Anyways here it is....

Everyone i would like you to meet my new best friend/Truck!!!
His name is Vanilla Ice! Heres why...
Right when i first got my truck and was driving it home i turned on the radio and of course Vanilla Ice was playing. I had to name it Vanilla Ice because it just fit!

Also my mom got a new car as well. She is not as happy as i was when she got hers.

Please meet Snoopy!! When my mom first got home with her new car the first thing she tells me is that her car looks like Snoopy, which it totally does. This picture doesn't do its justice of looking like Snoopy but it really does!! Anyways if you didn't know, my mom misses her old car the Caddy very very much!! Now she is stuck with Snoopy!!!