Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yes people, it's true!!!
I am finally
I couldn't be any happier!!
Perfect Ring!
Perfect Proposal!
Perfect Man!!!

Heres the quick story....

Jeff got me to come out side my house to his car to go look at a drawing he drew today while he was "bored." It was supposed to be a doodle of a llama named Larry! But when he showed me this framed picture it was really this..

This is a pencil drawing of the side walk were Jeff and I first told each other "I LOVE YOU!" Notice the cute house in the background! Then he got down on one knee in the exact place where we first kissed and asked me to marry him! Of course i said YES and then he put the most beautiful ring (that i picked out) on my finger!! The end!

I'm not gonna lie i kinda new that he had the ring and that he was gonna ask me this week! I started getting really cranky because he was taking forever to ask me! But i forgive him now for taking so long, i now know why it took a while!

After a year and a half of dating we are finally engaged and we plan to be married in November!!