Friday, September 30, 2011

The Bu....

Its true!! The Bu (malibu) is no longer as of yesterday morning. I had just left my house and turned from Horne to University heading west. I got no further then a 1/4 mile when BAM!! A truck had pulled out from a side street, trying to make a left turn onto University to head east. He just didn't see me for whatever reason and pulled out! I didn't have time to hit the brakes so it was full impact! Luckily I am not seriously hurt, just a sprain ankle, few burns from the airbag, sore arms and neck, and bruised/bump on my head.

I was actually planning to put 20 bucks in it for gas before I headed to school. I'm glad it happened before rather then after cause I probably would try to siphon the gas out! I was also fortunate enough to get out of a test that I was headed to go take. More time to study.... HA!