Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My 25!

Ok so im gonna list my 25 like becky did! i just started jotting down stuff that i thought was totally me! I cant really put them in any kind of order so im just gonna list em!

1. I have a zit popper that is amazing! One of my best friends!

2. My closet is actually an extra bedroom, and you would think that since its so big i would have tons of clothes (which i do) i still feel like i have nothing to wear!

3. Wearing sweats is like the best thing in the world! Especially hoodies! If it weren't so hot i would wear a hoodie 24/7!!
4. I sleep too much! My bedroom is like a cave and i hibernate in it! Z Z Z Z Z

5. I drive a cavaler with a forest of peachy peach in it!

6. I drink way too much DP!

7. I decided that when i grow up i want to be a PE Teacher!

8. If there was a rehab for being addicted to Costa Vida, i would be checked in!

9. I can get from my house to the gym (power & ray) in 15 minutes! (aka I drive fast)

10. I have too many earrings its ridiculous!

11. Im a bad speller!

12. I still wear 4" high heels even though im 5'9"

13. Wakeboarding is my new thing!

14. I spend too much money on cute jeans!

15. Holding hands with a boy is my favorite!!!

16. Volleyball rules my life, but i love every bit of it! GO COYOTES!!!

17. I can finally do a GANOR!!!

18. I've got a collection of knee high socks growing!

19. If im not wearing gold im wearing my tiffanys starfish!

20. I love my Family!!

21. I have a fish named Theodore, we are buds!

22. I hare getting out of bed especially during the winter!
23. I cant wait to be a mom!

24. I want a new car ( 4 door chevy colorado)!!!

25. I love my nixon watches!

Project Runway

Wednesdays are my day off, and today is wednesday!!! But since i dont have a job i pretty much just watch tv or nap all day! But today there is a Project Runway marathon on tv, so im stuck on the first season watching it! Too bad i already know who wins! But It is still fun watching it and seeing all the cute clothes that they design! i love it!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


In the movie Shrek 3 there is a scene where a frog is dying and it is so funny!!!! I was seriously cracking up and i couldn't stop laughing! Becky and i have definitely made sure we practice making the funny faces just like the frog does in the movie! We got kali and jessica to join in on the fun! If any one goes to see the movie make sure to notice the dying frog! Im sure you won't miss it!


Bicycles are so much fun! My good friend Becky got a cute pink beach cruiser for christmas 2 years ago and im not gonna jealous! I was chillen the other night with my friend Whitney and a some of her friends came over on there bikes! We took them for a spin and soon realized how hard it was to peddle these bikes because they were so old! Now i really want a bike but i cant ask for one for christmas because i already asked for a lap top! Maybe ill just save my pennys!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I love the lake!

I seriously love the lake! it is so much fun! especially if you are there super early in the morning and ther is no one there! its so much better to ride when no boats are out yet, when the water looks like glass! oh its my favorite! i have been about 5 time this summer and i get better and better everytime i go! im trying to jump/clear the wake right now. i still have a lot to work on, but you should check out my video! I will be sure to post when i clear the wake!


So the other night i was at Nelsons Frozen Yogurt and there was this girl there working and Gena P. said that i looked exaclty like her! i can kinda see it but i dont think we look identical! What do you think? Twins?

Monday, June 11, 2007

You play ball like a girl!!!!

Yesterday when my brother [TC] and his wife [Melissa] came over for a Sunday visit they brought there baseball gloves and a ball so we can play catch. Well actually for Melissa it was to learn how to throw and catch! But anyway it was really fun and relaxing playing out in the yard and having a good time! I havent played baseball in forever so it felt really good to get out and to throw that ball around! I think i have definitely improved because volleyball gives me my cordination to throw the ball exactly where i want it to go! My dad said that i throw really good! That makes me feel special! Even my neice [Addison] was out with us learning how to play the game! She is so cute but yet...out of control! Addisons little sister [Mattie] was just wondering around the yard and i made her fall over trying to catch a POP fly! Dont get mad at me for making her fall! I just didnt want the ball to hit her on the head! Well in the end i thought that it was a really fun, chilled out Sunday afternoon! Check out the sweet pics that i took!

Heres me getting ready to catch!

This is my brother TC

This is his wife Melissa! I love this girl!

She was so funny to watch because she seriously

throws like the biggest girl, and catches that way too!

Here is Addison! Her face kinda looks funky in this

pic cause she was yelling CHEESE for the camera!

And heres Mattie! She is starting to say a few

words and it so cute! She is the biggest sweet heart ever!!

And heres Mattie giving smokey loves!

Saturday, June 9, 2007


This is us chillin in traffic listening to classic rock!
Ya, our seats were really nice! 30 Rows behind home plate!

Best date ever!!!!

Last night me and my dad went on date! Its kinda funny to say that i went on a date with my dad cause i feel like I'm in achievement day again! He asked me about 3 days ago if i wanted to go with him to the D-backs game and of course i couldn't say no (they were playing the red sox)! So its a date! So last night i got all ready and lookin good for my date and we went to the game! It was so much fun even though the D-backs got killed, we had a good time enjoying the great American game of baseball! After the game was over my date took me to cold stone (yum) to get an ice cream and then took me home! And since my dad was such a gentlemen he even got a good night kiss on the cheek! I love my dad!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

She's A Big Girl

I just had to post a blog about my home girl/best friend whitney allen! she just graduated this passed may from mesa high and has joined me in this big bad world! She is planning to go to asu this fall and continue to work at bank of america! congratulation whitney! love you girl!!!

serious swim session!

So for the whole passed semester i have been bugging my trainers to let us do some fun work outs! Instead of the usual sprints and long distance jogs and lifting weights i wanted to do some yoga or buns of steal or swimming! So finally one day they decided to go out to the pool and have pool work out, sad things is i wasn't there that day! :( I missed it! Ahhhhh So i continued to bug my trainers to take us swimming! Finally they decided to have another pool workout (and i was definitely gonna be there)!!!!

So pretty much we had our pool workout this morning and it was so much fun (even though it was still hard)! I liked doing that way more then running 3 miles! We had to swim plenty of laps and do sprints and tread water with sweat pants on! But in the end it was exhilarating and exhausting!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ring Pops


Who knew that listening to 30 second clips of songs on itunes and sucking on ring pops could be so fun?!?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


If theres one thing im sure about, its that i love taco bell! Seriously, its cheap easy to get to and its delicious! A few of my favorite items from the menu are the grande soft taco, cheesy gordita crunch, cinniamon twist, and usually a large dr. pepper!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Yay For Blogs!!!

So one of my good friends BECKY HAMBLIN told me about her blog and so i thought it would be fun to join her in the great blogging experience! Im SUPER excited to post important events in my life so that people can read them and know whats up! YAY FOR BLOGS!!!