Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Ocho!!!

Eight things I am passionate about:

*My Husband! I love my husband so much its indescribable. He is my everything to me and he makes up everything missing in my life! I am so glad that i am sealed to him forever and ever!! (shout out: I LOVE YOU BABE!!!)
*The Gospel! I owe everything that is good in my life to the church!
*Family! I love my family and Jeff's family! They give so much support and love to Jeff and I and if it weren't for them life would be real tough!
*Being a Mom! I know I'm not a mom yet and I won't be anytime soon but i still can't wait! I have the biggest passion to be a mom and i can't wait to see my children someday! (They are going to be the sweetest angels...if they are like Jeff)
*Volleyball! I love love love volleyball and it has truly blessed my life! I wouldn't trade any of my volleyball experiences for anything!
*My Truck! I just love my truck!
*Sleeping! I have a deep love and passion for sleep! Most of the time i can't help that i'm so sleepy but for the most part i just love taking naps and sleeping in!!!
I'm running low on my passion's...

Eight words or phrases I use the most:

* "oh hey" meaning whats up...
* "I love you" mostly to my husband a hundred times a night...
* "MOVE!!" for the slow drivers out there...
* "more chips?" gecko...
* "one route 44 Dr. Pepper please" sonic happy hour...
* "Gecko Grill how can i help you" togo's..
* "get The Ball!!!!!" volleyball practice...
* "i'm tired" typical..

Eight things I wanna do before I die:

* Do some big time Traveling!
* Finish school FOREVER!!!
* Learn to sew like my mom!
* Visit New York a couple more times!!
* Have children and raise them!!!
* Be a fabulous PE teacher!!!
* Serve a mission with my husband!
* Change my name on my drivers license...this weeks goal!

Eight things I need right now:
* I need to go to bed!!!
* I need to do a load of laundry!!
* I need to get a's bad!
* I need to change my name on my drivers license!
* I need to take out the trash!
* I need to upload more wedding pictures!
* I need to finish school!!
* I need to go to's that important!!

Eight places I wanna visit:

* China
* All of South America
* Europe
* The Nail Salon :)
* Hawaii
* New Zealand
* Scottsdale Fashion Square :)

Eight Favorite Restaurants:

* Fili B's
* Gecko Grill
* Rito's
* Javiers
* Ned's
* Sonic
* Texas Road House...just for the rolls and butter
* Wendy's

Eight TV Shows:

* The Office
* Friends
* The Hills
* Project Runway
* What Not to Wear
* Channel 5 News
* Dirty Jobs

Eighth folder Eighth picture:


Eight people I tag:

* Becky
* Mom
* Ashley
* Afton
* Jessica
* Kali
* Natalie
* Kelsie
* Whoever

Friday, January 16, 2009


So I finally decided to bite the bullet and just get this major post out of the way. It's not the greatest but at least it will fill you in! I'll try to post more pictures later about the wedding!!

So Jeff and I are finally hitched, and in these pictures we are off to our honeymoon in Cali. We had so much fun and the drive wasn't too bad.

One great thing about Cali is there are tons of 7 elevens so of course we had to stop and get some Big Gulps!!!

Our hotel was right next to Disneyland, but due to the fact that we had a low budget we didn't go to Disneyland. We had some plans for Sea World but things didn't work out... long story! But the cool thing about the hotel we stayed at was it was right across the freeway from where they light off all the fireworks every night. The first night the fireworks went off we were actually in down town Disney so we didn't realize that they were going off by our hotel. The second night we were there we were at our hotel and we heard these super super loud booms. When we went out side we discovered our amazing view of the the firework show. I got some sweet footage!

Coming home from our honeymoon was also a good drive until we hit Buckeye, all the Thanksgiving traffic was heading into town. So once we were finally home we started getting our home put together. When you walk in you see our Standage sign (which we didn't steal).

This is a picture of New York to go along with my New York themed home. Funny thing is our outer walls are pure concrete making it pretty difficult to hang on the outer walls. Don't be fooled by the picture hanging there, Jeff and I plastered the back of it with scotch tape to see how long it would last hanging on the wall. It was up about 5 minutes until it came down. Oh and please excuse the absence of a frame....I'm too poor and lazy for a frame.

Here is my beautiful Kitchenaid which i love love love!!!! Thanks so much to all the ladies from my bridal shower who pitched in!!!!

Oh and did I tell you about the train that is a half mile down the road from us?? For some reason it is so loud in the morning and it always wakes me up! I think it is exra loud by our house because it echoes due to all the empty fields out here. Anyways I don't like the train!!

Here is my beautiful couch!! I LOVE MY COUCH!!!!! When i was looking around for a couch for my home all i wanted was a red couch! I found this one and i got to pick the color and fabric. Luckily they had the perfect color and perfect fabric choice for it!!! I also got a super sweet deal for it! If you want to know where i got it it was Expo Furniture in Chandler next to the place where i get my eyebrows waxed! :) Oh and note the super cute coffee table...Jeff made it for me!!!

And then it was Christmas time, note my lovely Christmas tree.

For Christmas Jeff made me a night stand and totally surprised me!! I'm usually pretty good at ruining surprises for myself but this time he totally did it behind my back making it a really good surprise! I love it and it matches our bedroom so well! He also gave me the two little buildings you see. Its the Chrysler building and the Empire building. I love New York and i especially love it now since my husband served his mission in the city.

I got my wedding pictures back and i really really like them! I got them all printed and in a book and all organized! I'm pretty proud of myself cause i hate doing stuff like that!

We got some new neighbors! We are so excited to have Sarah and Cody be our nieghbors and have some friends! Its great that Jeff and Cody still get to be so close!

And last but not lease...for the whole first month and a half of our marriage Jeff''s car has had a bad battery. If we had to use it all we had to do is jump it and it was good for the day. But when the truck battery went bad we finally had to stop being white trash and buy new batteries.