Monday, April 30, 2012

Guess What...

Schools Done!!! YAY!!! Now that schools out I have time to blog again!! Here is what we have been up to!
Jeff had a birthday at the end of March!! He is a big 28 years old now!! Holy Cow!!! I made him a yummy mini chocolate cake! We had fun lighting it and blowing out the candles with the O'Loughlin kids. I love how Alison loves Jeff and is usually not afraid to be with him. He is such a cute uncle!!
Then it was my birthday on the 18th of April. I had the whole day off, no school or work! It was so nice to take a break and go shopping and eat free food!! I made a birthday wish for a fishing pole so this summer I could go fishing when we went up to the ranch!! Jeff went all out and got me a cute pink pole and a tackle box too! We did a quick test run the day of but didn't catch anything.
Lexi and I have matching Toms
Nathan and Jeff being buddies!!
Last day of PE at Val Vista Lakes!! It was so bitter sweet! I really had so much fun being in the elementary school but I am ready to keep going and finish up my student teaching next semester at Stapley Jr High.
Jeff and I both finished up school this past week!! Jeff doesn't really have any finals, just final projects. I had final assignments to get finished including my student teaching portfolio. This book is hopefully going to get me a job, good thing I got an A on it. We are so glad to be done this semester, only one year left.
With school coming to an end our apartment was turning into a disaster. I had been so busy I hardly had time for anything. So the day after school ended I got right to work. I did all the laundry, cleaned from top to bottom, and even cleaned out the refrigerator. Feels so good to have everything super cleaned and organized!!


K+B said...

One of these times your "Guess What" posts are going to have the news I expect! And you know what that is! lol congrats on finishing school this semester and only having a year left- woo hoo! And happy birthday to you both. I LOVE your pink(ish) pants!! I want them.. and your toms.

Afton LeSueur said...

Your apartment is so cute! Congratus of finishng school for the semester!